Cyber Smilodon Assemblingゲーム:

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Smilodon is a feline with huge fangs that can tear the flesh out of its prey. Now in this HTML5 game, Cyber Smilodon Assembling, you’ll create your very own mechanical Smilidon! There are three stages in the creation. First is the Assembly, this is where you get every pieces of the parts of your robot before it gets discarded. Second part is the Testing, you’ll need to test the legs, head and the weapon. In testing the legs you’ll have to guide your Cyber Smilodon in a quick run. You’ll need to collect all the stars and dodge all the boulders. While in testing the weapons, you’ll have to shoot down all the stars and avoid the bombs. Lastly in testing the head, you’ll need to finish the puzzle before the time runs out. Every mistake you’re going to make; you will lose a life so better be careful! The third and last phase of the creation is the Tuning where you have to customize your robot and share your creation to everyone who plays the game by sharing your screenshot. Play Cyber Smilodon Assembling and start creating your mecha!

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このゲームはシリーズの一部です。Cyber Animals Assembly


Cyber Smilodon Assembling
Cyber Smilodon Assembling